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Hatch Cover Sealing Bitumen Tape

Hatch Cover Sealing Bitumen Tape

Hatch Cover Sealing Bitumen Tape

Sealant Tape for hatch covers on board vessels. It can protect your valuable cargo against seawater and it can withstand the harshest conditions with a watertight seal. The tape is available in ROLLS (width 3", 4", 6"), its design and excellent performance varies between width. Other Names: Hatch cover tape, Hatch cover sealing tape, Bitumen tape, Hatch cover sealing bitumen tape.

Hatch cover
Jointed parts
Cover  cracks
Flexible PE backing
Excellent adhesion
No remains on removal
Good adhesion on hot & cold weather
Several series are shown below as a reference. For application, please inquire to either the manufacturer in China Tianjin or the local distributor.

Thickness × Width ×Length                                 IMPA CODE
1.6mm  ×75mm   ×20 mtr                                         23.24.51
1.6mm  ×100mm ×20 mtr                                         23.24.52
1.6mm  ×150mm ×20 mtr                                         23.24.53