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heat shrinkable sleeve

heat shrinkable sleeve
Heat shrink tape is “three layer constructions”.
First layer: two components Epoxy Primer;
Second layer: hot-melt adhesive;
Third layer: radiant cross linked polyethylene substrates.

Features & Benefits:

  • The two-component solvent-free liquid Epoxy Primer of first layer has excellent adhesion on steel, to form a good corrosion protection layer in the steel pipe surface;
  • Hot melt adhesive on the second layer has very good adhesion to epoxy primer on the first layer, glass fiber-enhanced radiation cross-linked polyethylene and the original anti-corrosion layer of the steel on the third layer. So that the three form a coherent whole, can effectively prevent the rain and air infiltration;
  • Glass fiber-enhanced radiation cross-linked polyethylene on the third layer has high impact strength and friction resistance, which can effectively protect the anti-corrosion layer of the inner layer not destroyed.