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Home > pe600 anticorrosion adhesive tape

Detailed Product Description

1.Use:anticorrosion bitumen adhesive tape
2.Material:PE sheet
4.Color:yellow and black

1. The least thickness of one layer of PE60 series PE anticorrosion adhesive tape may be to 1.0mm (0.8mm is also available as per user demand). By only one-time winding, national reinforcement class standard may be realized and overlapping area of adhesive tape is 55% to save operation cost.

2. The base material and adhesive layer is quite different essentially from domestically-made cool winding of compound PE. The base material of domestically-made cool winding is blow molded PE, and that of PE60 series is calendared PE. The adhesive tape of former is pressure sensitive tape, but PE60 series is butyl rubber modified asphalt. Since uneven force and different thickness of blow molded PE production procedure, tension strength of adhesive tape is not enough and pressure sensitive layer is thin and bonding is not strong, PE60 anticorrosion adhesive tape is able to make up such defects.

3. The thickness of anticorrosion layer of PE60 is uniform with stable corrosion resistance nature, not to be impacted by acid, alkali and salt in the soil.

4. The operation of PE60 is simple and after winding, backfilling may start immediately. Hence there is no pollution and operators are protected.

5. PE60 is tough without aging and hardening to prevent from damage of earth stress and automatic closing is available even after being damaged.

6. PE60 is provided with good resistance against water and vapor, its strong adhesiveness is able to be against invasion of air and moisture.

7. The adhesive layer is provided with excellent viscosity and elasticity, able to be applied against expansion and shrinkage without peeling from piping to realize complete bonding with weld, no hollow valley that happens often at other kinds of anticorrosion material exists.

8. PE60 is provided with excellent performance, well-developed production procedure, low cost of material and construction; it is widely used in many industries such as petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, fuel, thermal power, municipal work, power, water supply, metallurgy and vessel building.

PE60 has different thickness and width to offer for selection of user based on design and construction requirements and it is designed to be good for 50 years.

pe anticorrosion adhesive tape



Standards to follow

Base membrane material

PE sheet

PRC Petroleum/Natural gas industrial standard      


Steel piping PP adhesive tape

Standard for corrosion prevention layer technology



PRC Construction industrial standard Urban Gas Piping Corrosion Prevention Control Specification

American National Standard Association


American Hydraulic Society Standard ANSI/AWWA C209-00


National Association of Corrosion

Engineers standard

NACE MR0274-95

Base membrane color

Yellow and black

Base membrane thickness


Composition of corrosion layer

butyl rubber improved asphalt

Tape integral thickness spec


Base membrane extension strength


Breakage extension rate


Peeling strength to painted steel


Peeling strength to back strap


Insulation voltage


Bulk resistance rate (Ω · m)


Water absorption rate (%)


Vapor infiltration rate (mg/24/h.cm2)


Each tape length

20 or 25m

Tape width

50,75,100,150,200,300 mm

Storage temp.


Operation temp.


Use temp.