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Home > Aluminum foil piping anticorrosion adhesive tape-800

Detailed Product Description

1.Use:anti-ultraviolet pipe anticorrosion adhesive tape
2.Material:aluminum foil
4.Color:Silver white 

1. Aluminum foil tape is formulated with reinforced aluminum foil by special forging process as base and one layer of high viscous improved asphalt as well as one layer of anti-adhesion membrane.

2. Aluminum foil is silvery white with reflection function and UV resistance, and, with special forging, aluminum foil is provided with certain flexibility and elasticity to play a first protection role for piping that is long time exposed in open air.

3. The adhesive layer of aluminum foil tape is of much technical content. It is especially used in open air. By continuous improvement, the bonding force and elasticity of adhesive layer are increased, and anti aging is realized. Due to closer bonding between pipes, or adhesive tapes, invasion of water and air is rejected to present the second protection for piping.

Since opened piping must be adapted to unpredictable weather and temperature change, better performance of aluminum foil tape is required. With testing and application over the years, our foil adhesive tape is able to resist cracking, water leakage at overlapping and peeling from piping, adapted to thermal expansion and shrinkage of piping.

5. Operation of aluminum foil tape is easy: only by one time winding, reinforcement class of national standard or special reinforcement class can be satisfied.

6. The product is mainly used for external anticorrosion of overhead piping petroleum, steel structure and tank in the field of petro, petrochemical, chemical, water, construction, gas and power industries.



Standards to follow

Base membrane material

Aluminum Foil Reinforced Sheet


Base membrane color

Silver white color


Base membrane thickness



Composition of corrosion prevention adhesive layer

butyl rubber improved asphalt


Integral thickness of tape



Peeling intensity to painted steel

Good adhesiveness


Peeling intensity to painted cement surface

Good adhesiveness


Peeling intensity to back strap

Good adhesiveness


Extension rate of adhesive layer



Water absorption rate (%)









Storage temp.



Operation temp.



Use temp.